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GYO Financial Information

Here at GYO, we work really hard to keep our registration fees low. In fact, as far as youth recreation programs go, we have the lowest registration rate in the area, and it's been the same for nearly 10 years. Our mission is simple: everyone who wants to participate in GYO programs should be able to do so, no matter what. As a result, we have one of the highest participation rates - nearly 50% of the school population participates in GYO programs!

How do we do this?

First, our Board of Directors is made up entirely of volunteers from the community. Nobody is paid a salary, or receives any sort of compensation from GYO, despite all the time and effort they put in. All of our team personnel are volunteers, and we are extremely fortunate to have such great parents stepping up to fill coach and assistant coach roles.

Second, we're extremely frugal. We constantly are searching for discounted or donated equipment, and carefully watch all budgetary items to be sure GYO funds are being used wisely. Shamelessly asking parents to re-use GYO jerseys is another way we save money - in the 2017 soccer season, we saved about $500 thanks to all of the folks to did not request new jerseys for their kids!

And lastly, we are constantly fundraising. Dinners, golf tournaments, concessions at town events, Reach the Beach - these are all annual events that give us the ability to make improvements to GYO Park, while keeping your registration fees low. Last year, we raised enough to build a fully-equipped awesome new batting cage. This year, our goal is to build a new playground on the hill next to the snack shack. We do it all with proceeds from our corporate sponsor banner program, in-kind donations from local businesses, and our fundraising events.

How far does $40 go?

When you register your child for a GYO sport, you may wonder how GYO uses that $40. It covers many things as you can see from the chart below. GYO needs to fundraise to cover the costs that aren’t covered by registration fees, such as any major equipment purchases or field improvements. GYO works hard to offer diverse fundraising opportunities, so that families who want to volunteer have some flexibility. Successful fundraising benefits ALL of the programs that GYO offers and allows us to keep fees down - but it takes many volunteers to make those events happen.