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GYO Corporate Sponsorship Program

Gilmanton Youth Organization (GYO) is looking for local businesses interested in supporting GYO sports programs and capital improvements of GYO Park. This is a great opportunity for your business to gain local exposure while supporting a worthwhile cause. Gilmanton Youth Organization is an entirely volunteer 501(c) 3, non-profit organization dedicated to providing the children of Gilmanton the opportunity to learn and participate in numerous sports throughout the year. It is the goal of GYO to not only develop athletic ability in our children, but encourage good sportsmanship and citizenship within all our athletes.

It is only with the support of local businesses and local volunteers that GYO has been able to build, maintain, and improve upon an athletic park that provides the families of Gilmanton a place to become involved in sports. With your Banner Sponsorship, your company’s logo and message will be displayed on a 3’ x 5’ vinyl banner at GYO Park. We host games during the Spring baseball and softball season, with visiting teams from the towns of Alton, Barnstead, Chichester, Epsom, Loudon, New Durham, Pittsfield, and Wolfeboro. In the Fall, our annual Soccer Jamboree hosts teams from Wakefield, New Durham, Alton, and Barnstead.

Website Sponsorship: $100.00

Includes web banner design and implementation. Your web banner will be displayed at the bottom of nearly every page on the website, and will be in effect for one year from the sponsorship order date. Annual renewal of the Website Sponsorship is $75.

Banner Sponsorship: $250.00

Initial sponsorship includes banner design, purchase of 3’x5’ vinyl banner, delivery and display at GYO Park through Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons (April - Oct.). Website Banner Sponsorship is included in this package. Annual renewal of the Banner Sponsorship Program is $200. Worn banners will be replaced as needed.

Golf Tournament Sponsorship: $100.00

Includes tee/green signage at the annual GYO golf tournament. Additional packages and event sponsorship levels are available. Contact GYO for more information.

Combination Sponsorship: $400.00

Includes all sponsorship levels listed above - banner, website, and golf signage. Bonus: Combo sponsors receive additional signage/promotion at the GYO Car Show in September. Annual Renewal is $350.

In-kind Sponsorships:

GYO has numerous operational needs throughout the year, including signage, maintenance, landscaping, uniforms, concession items, and special park improvement initiatives. If you or your company has goods or services to donate, we are happy to recognize your contributions with web recognition and signage at the park.

Contact  us to sign up, or if you would like more information