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Summer Running Program

Our Summer Running Program is designed to give kids a summer activity that gets them off the couch and provide them a space to learn about different styles of running. We'll be learning how to adjust running styles based on the current environmental needs, and how to deal with common issues while in motion such as cramps, shortness of breath, and extremity fatigue – such as jelly arms. Most importantly, we'll provide a place for kids to have fun with their friends and learn a life skill.

This program will improve their overall fitness, speed, agility, balance, endurance, self-confidence and give them a great head start for their fall sports/activities.


We are looking for people who are dedicated to learning new skills focused on running and to challenge themselves. Participants will push themselves to acquire a new found confidence in their ability to perform during physical activity.

Parents are welcome to participate in the exercises.


Gilmanton GYO Park.


Every Monday and Wednesday starting July 2, ending August 8 (6 Weeks ) 6PM – 7PM. We will meet rain or shine. In the event of thunderstorms, the program will be canceled for that day.


Participants will need to only bring running shoes and water. We also recommend insect repellent and sun block.


This is a free program - there is no registration fee.

Practice Outline

Each practice will have a structure that allows for the kids to learn, then apply those skills through games and relays.

  • Arrival
  • Warm up jog as a group (5-10 minutes)
  • Lessons (20-25 minutes)
  • Cool down (5 minutes)
  • Stretching ( 10 minutes )
  • Games ( ~10 – 20 minutes)

Throughout the Summer, we'll be working on the following strategies for all aspects of running:


  • Practicing proper form
  • Stretching
  • Warm up / Cool down
  • Muscle development

Distance Running

  • Negotiating hills
  • Learning how maintain a pace.
  • Adjusting to terrain on the fly.

Speed Running

  • Footwork (landing and takeoff)
  • 0-100, quick acceleration
  • Different types sprints
  • Practice drills that focus on speed and power.

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